Special Orders and Warranty

Special Orders

If you want a product not listed in our vendor catalogs, we will try to find it for you.

Just because it is not on our website does not mean it is a special order. As long as it is a stocked standard item of one of our vendors the product is not a special order. Engines, Frames, Transmissions, and Assembled Front Ends are special order items. Custom order Wheels, Cables, Seats or any made to order part are special order items

If a special order is cancelled, a 35% cancellation fee may be charged. Special orders with a retail cost of $350.00 or less will require a 50% down payment. All other special orders require payment in full at the time of order. There are no returns allowed on special orders.

General Parts:

Warranty of manufacturer defects and stated fitment issues are handled in conjunction with the manufacturer. The manufacturer determines the resolution of a warranty claim. We will contact the manufacturer to assist with warranty claims. Defective parts will only be exchanged for the same part. Exchanging to a different part is not allowed. After we receive the defective part and it is determined the part is defective an exchange will be shipped. Axiom Cycles does reimburse for any labor fees or down time associated with the products we sell, whether it be due to warranty, purchasing or shipping errors.

Exhaust Pipes and Mufflers:

There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to discoloration. Blueing or discoloration is caused by tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, and so forth, and is NOT caused by defective manufacturing. Once installed, there is no refund on exhaust pipes and mufflers, except in the case of a manufacturing defect.

Gas Tanks:

It is necessary to use a gas tank sealer with new gas tanks in order for your warranty to be valid. We strongly recommend that all gas tanks be fitted, pressure-tested and sealed BEFORE painting in order to eliminate potential problems.


Saddlebags, once mounted, cannot be returned. Returned saddlebags must be in new condition, with absolutely no evidence of wear or mount marks. We cannot re-sell a used saddlebag to another customer, so please be careful before mounting your saddlebag, check fitment or speak with us. Latches and zippers are to be inspected before mounting. After mounting the manufacturer will address the necessary repairs or replacement.


Chrome is an imperfect plating process subject to surface scratches small blemishes. The manufacturer will address warranty claims for blemishes and scratches up until the part is installed.

Arlen Ness:

Arlen Ness does not support local dealers. We have witnessed a significant degrading of quality in their products as they are for the most part not made in U.S.A. As a consequence Axiom Cycles is no longer able to warranty, service, or support Arlen Ness products. Arlen Ness will not reimburse shipping costs on warranty or defective parts.

CD's, Audio Cassettes, Video Tapes & Software:

Once opened, CD's, audio cassettes, video tapes and software cannot be returned unless defective.

Used and Damaged Parts: Any part which, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used or installed, and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging or return shipping by the customer, will not be eligible for exchange, refund or warranty consideration.

We cannot return products to our suppliers or re-sell them to other customers if you attempt to install, break the shrink wrap, or they are used in any way. Please be careful, if we can not re-sell the product or return it to our supplier we cannot issue a refund.

Cost of shipping will be deducted from any credit or refund. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse the return request. For defective parts, or those shipped in error, return shipping charges will not be charged.

I bought my product on eBay, can you warranty it?

Unfortunately if you purchased the item from someone other than Axiom we are unable to warranty products purchased on eBay.

Our experience has been that a majority of the motorcycle products on eBay sold by others have issues beyond our control. The majority of the manufacturers in the motorcycle business will not allow dealers to sell products on eBay that have not been discontinued. Axiom Cycles stands behind it's products and warranties everything we sell in our shop.

Do you warranty or service products purchased elsewhere?

We will warranty and service products purchased from any legitimate motorcycle shop. We require proof of purchase.

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